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Bo Bonfils


Bo Bonfils (b. 1941) is a Danish autodidact designer and has had his own business since 1960. He started his business while also drawing at the national paper Politiken. Bo Bonfils is amongst other things known for drawing stamps, and did the first ones in 1981 with motifs of areoplanes through the ages. Many will however recognize his line from much else than stamps. Bo Bonfils became nationally known in the early 1970'ies for a series of matchboxes for the upscale grocery chain Irma. Furthermore he is known for his posters for Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Tivoli, Louisiana and DSB, and Internationally for his posters for Daimler-Benz. For many years he designed everyday products for the Danish market under the motto "Making the ordinary beautiful". Amongst other things in this category Bonfils has designed the cutlery line “Bo Bonfils” for Georg Jensen, this design won the ID Prize in 1990. Bo Bonfils moved to the artisan town of Svaneke in Bornholm in 1993. Since 2003, he has been living in Raadvad, Zealand with his wife Jane Reumert who is a ceramic artist.

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