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Kim Buck

Kim Buck

1957 -
Kim Buck apprenticed as a goldsmith in 1982 and graduated from Copenhagen’s Institute of Precious Metals in 1985. Since 1990, he has had his own workshop and gallery. As a jewellery designer for Georg Jensen, Kim Buck does not solely focus on creating elegant lines, but rather on the interplay between personality and design, between the wearer and the object. 

This gives his pieces a strong sense of being alive. They are inanimate objects that transform into something more lifelike when they are worn. Buck’s philosophy is such: “In essence, jewellery differs from other art forms, in that the wearer has a participatory relationship with the piece. Not only does the wearer actively select the jewellery, but they also choose their clothing in communion to empathise with it. In this way, jewellery is not merely decoration, but a way to express one’s tastes and values to the outside world.”

Amongst his commissions for Georg Jensen, Buck came up with the youthful sterling silver collection called Droplet, inspired by the enchanting tension in a water drop right before it bursts.

Centenary is another standout, and was designed especially for Georg Jensen’s 100 year celebration in 2004. The piece is a stunning artistic achievement, with a brilliant diamond that is almost suspended in mid-air in a white gold ring.

Another spcial line, Nordic Summer, is a series of 18 carat gold rings with sultry coloured stones that capture the essence of summertime, Scandinavian style. The mix of warm gold and deeply hued stones represents sunshine and the way it brings nature’s bright tones to life.

Pendulum and Luna are jewellery collections that reflect Kim Buck’s ability to celebrate the flawless simplicity of silver and gold. His creations appear so fluid and supple that the pieces seem almost liquid–like liquid frozen for a moment in time.