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Behind Stilleben is Ditte Reckweg and Jelena Schou Nordentoft, both educated from the Royal Academy of Arts School of Design in Copenhagen, specialized in ceramics and glass. The two designers own and run the carefully curated store Stilleben, have their own product line and design products for companies such as Kähler, Trip Trap & Georg Jensen.

“As designers and store owners our focus is to create new stories and esthetic expressions that reflect the time we live in. We use our experience to determine which products are able to be both innovative and marketable. We always take our point of departure in history and the esthetic expression when we start a new project, with the recipient and context of the product act as underlying considerations. We strive to create products that at once both pulls from the past and reaches towards the future and which continues to evolve our perception of what is beautiful and inspiring”.

Products designed by Stilleben