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Gundorph Albertus

Gundorph Albertus

1897 - 1970
Gundorph Albertus (1887-1970) joined Georg Jensens silversmithy in 1911, while studying as a sculptor at the Royal Art Academy in Copenhagen. Before this he had worked as a silversmith In Munich and Paris for years. Albertus belonged to a group of artists that through the first half of the 20th century tried to preserve Georg Jensens ideals, while updating them and making them accessible for modern time. This was done by adding a new simplicity, partially inspired by the leading Art Deco movement, to the existing ideals. Gundorph Albertus sought through all of his career to keep the utmost quality in his craft and was known to be a perfectionist. He received a gold medal at the World Exhibit in Paris in 1925 as well as the honor award in 1937.

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