What do the Holidays mean for you?

For me, the holidays mean spending time with my family, traditions, hygge, and amazing food. 

What are your favorite activities to do during the holidays?

I love our annual Christmas baking day, where we make all my favorite cookies for Christmas. On Christmas Eve, my whole family goes to church in the afternoon, and then we go home where my sister-in-law’s cooking gets you in the perfect holiday spirit. 

Do you and your family have Christmas traditions that you carry on from year to year?

As a tradition, my family has our annual Christmas baking day where the family gets together to decorate the Christmas tree and prepare a delicious dinner together on Christmas Eve. A new tradition that I will start this year is making an annual advent calendar for my boyfriend. 

How does the Danish idea of Hygge come into play during this time of year? 

Hygge is a certain kind of cozy atmosphere, where everything comes together in harmony. There is a sense of kinship and belonging. It can be anything from lighting the candles, listening to Christmas music while opening gifts, or just being with your family and sitting down together.

Some Georg Jensen items you have were handed down from your grandparents. What kind of memories do they bring back?

For generations, my family has been collecting Georg Jensen, which include a few cherished candleholders and ornaments. We have this special box of ornaments that gets passed around the family members, so the person hosting Christmas Eve that year is the box bearer. It is in a sense a kind of holiday treasure chest.

You are also soon expecting a child of your own. What kind of new memories are you hoping to create?

I really like our tradition where you start the Christmas dinner serving warm rice pudding with cinnamon and butter, and one will collect a small gift if they find the almond in their portion. Many years ago, this was actually a royal tradition to serve the rice pudding before the main meal because people didn’t have enough money to make a full Christmas dinner. With another addition to the family, I hope to keep this historical and familial tradition alive.