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GRAPE candelabrum 383A

This candelabrum was designed just after the end of World War 1 (1914-1918) - a very rich period where unprecedented abundance of money circulated, trade flourished everywhere and the silversmithy had a record turnover. During these years, Georg Jensen created more richly decorated silver pieces than normally seen from his side.

The decoration is very distinct and elaborate on this five-branch Candelabrum 383A from 1920. As most of Georg Jensen’s designs the candelabrum is in the Art Nouveau style with the characteristic ornamental curved lines, organic structures, decorative ornaments of flora and fauna, and the use of honest and skilfully crafted materials.

The chaser works on all the pieces with the floral design – piece by piece. With a steady hand the chaser will move hammer and punches in smooth movements, applying soft lines and hammer marks to the silver to enhance the pattern.
When all the pieces are ready for assemblage, the silversmith has many hours of patient work ahead in lining up all the pieces in absolute perfect angles before soldering them together. If one of the arms is just a little bit out of square – the candle will drip!

Design year: 1920

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Materials: Sterling silver
Measurements: H: 26.5 cm / 10.43 inches Ø: 31 cm / 12.20 inches

Designer: Georg Jensen

In 1904 the Danish silversmith Georg Jensen founded his first modest silver smithy in the heart of Copenhagen. Thirty years later, he had made an international name for himself. When he died in 1935, the New York Herald Tribune saluted him as "the greatest silversmith of the last 300 years."

Georg Jensen was unique among silversmiths because he was as devoted to art as he was to craftsmanship. He had intimate knowledge of materials and brought this experience to bear on all of his designs.

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