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The Miniphant, a diminutive version of industrial architect Jørgen Møller’s classic elephant moneybox, is crafted from mirror-polished stainless steel and features all the characteristics of its iconic ancestor, the Moneyphant.

Design year: 2013.

Materials: Mirror polished stainless steel
Measurements: H: 87 mm W: 43 mm L: 124 mm

Designer: Jørgen Møller

As an architect and industrial designer Jørgen Møller possessed a unique design language founded through his cooperation with renowned architect Arne Jacobsen in the 60’s and characterized by Jørgen Møllers constant demands for function and simplistic shapes.

“To me form and function are the keywords – by in reverse order. Functionality is essential, and only once you’ve achieved this can you start evolving the form. Decorations have no function and this I strive towards the art of simplifying”.

The simple tools of everyday life have always been what drew the attention of Jørgen Møller. His mantra being that “everything or ever tool we use throughout our day, should have a form and a shape which not only fulfills the functional demands but also satisfies our sense of aesthetics”

Long is also the list of everyday items designed by Jørgen Møller, which we have come to know and love. From leather satchels and picture frame to his clocks, weather stations, lamps, bottle openers, candleholders etc.When asked about his inspiration Jørgen Møller once said: ”I will never stop designing. The world is open and I busy myself with lots of different things – constantly drawing, so when I get the question: “what’s your best design ever?” I always reply: The next!”

As an architect Jørgen Møller drew the lines for four houses, incl. his own self-built home in Fredensborg from 1964. From 1967-69 Jørgen Møller worked for Professor Erik Herløw, a pioneer in Danish design and founder of the design-degree at Charlottenborg School of Architecture. It was here that Jørgen Møller dream and desire to launch his own design company first begun.

In 1969 Jørgen Møller contacted Torben Ørskov, and this was the beginning a long and prosperous cooperation. Torben Ørskov had opened the first true design store in Copenhagen ‘Form & Farvei’ – modern design products was the central focus and for the store Jørgen Møller designed cutlery, leather bags, folding chairs, picture frames, candleholders and many other products.

From 1981 onwards Jørgen Møller put a distinctive touch on Georg Jensens’ design collection. He created clocks, weather stations, thermometers, candleholders, lamps, the gastronomical collection. Complet and last but not least the popular and beloved collection of products in the iconic elephant shape – the Nøllephant, the Øllephant and the Moneyphant. Every product bears the unique characteristica of Jørgen Møllers consistent attitude to functionalism and aesthetics.

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