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REGITZE sterling silver collier 464

REGITZE–flexible, fun pieces

REGITZE is the most personal collection from master designer Regitze Overgaard

Comprising bracelets, a necklace, pendants and earrings, the collection is broad but each piece bears certain recognisable characteristics: they are formed from organically shaped triangles that are linked together. The resulting pieces are flexible and move easily against the body.

Designer Regitze Overgaard emphasises the sense of humour in the design. Beautiful craftsmanship meets simplicity so that there is a fun and light-hearted quality in each piece.

REGITZE is a Georg Jensen design through and through: the organic shapes, use of sterling silver and overall sense of whimsy are the essence of Georg Jensen and Scandinavian design.

The collier can be worn in two ways: lying flat against the neckline or standing upright like a collar.

Materials: Sterling Silver

Designer: Regitze Overgaard

Regitze Overgaard is a standout among standouts. She finished training as a goldsmith in 1970 and graduated from the Copenhagen School of Arts and Crafts in 1976. She has collaborated with Georg Jensen since 1987 and has produced a number of the brand’s most successful designs including the popular Magic, Infinity, Zephyr and Curve collections.

Early in her career, her unique ability to capture nature’s organic yet infinite lines in precious metals won her attention from art and design world luminaries. She pioneered the organic design style, perhaps more than anyone else did. Her inspiration may come from the light of a Nordic summer sky or water cascading over rocks or simply from movement. With distinctive elegance and purity, her jewellery expresses a freshness and modernity that radiates light and life.

Regitze Overgaard works from the premise that jewellery should be as simple as possible; it should be the shape of the metal that wields artistic power, rather than external adornment. Her jewellery combines lightness and volume–the balance of this contrast is very difficult to strike.

There is also an ongoing allusion to the human body in her work. This is important in any jewellery–the interaction of the metal with its wearer. In Overgaard’s works, the form of the piece respects the natural curves of the body and accentuates it with a sense of style, elegance and individuality. Overgaard’s collection betray a keen eye for the sublime forms that exist in nature.

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